Baby & Child Foot and Handprints

We have a variety of ways to capture your baby and child’s precious hand and footprints at Pennikkity Pots.

Keepsakes can be made on ceramic, silver, clay and plaster. Here at Pennikkity Pots our staff have many years experience and we can finish your piece with names, dates etc to create the perfect memento.


Hand and footprints can be easily & safely reproduced on a variety of ceramic items from plates and tiles to mugs, trinket boxes and hearts.  All paints are non toxic and water based.  Your ceramic items can be hand finished by one of Pennikkity Pots artists for a small cost or you can decorate and finish yourself.


We take prints using special inkless wipes that leave no mess. One of our staff at Pennikkity Pots will then advise you on style and design.  The print is then scaled down and reproduced on charms, necklaces, cufflinks, bookmarks and key rings.  All items are made from 99.9% fine pure silver.  Each print can be used for several items if required.

Clay & Plaster

A simple way to capture those cute creases on a imprint of your child’s hand or foot.  Our fully trained ceramicist will carefully take an impression of your child’s hand and foot in soft clay.   The imprint will then be finished to your exact requirements with names, dates and colours.

Plaster outcasts are also available.

Please note booking is necessary for both of these items.

Handprints are not just for children.  Create a family masterpiece to treasure through the generations we can even take prints of your pets too!

Please note :- Babies under 1 year tend to clench their hands therefore footprints are generally more successful in the first year – but if baby is willing so are we!